Central Jersey Neuropsychology, LLC

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Evaluations at Central Jersey Neuropsychology

Both neuropsychological evaluations and psychoeducational evaluations involve the following:

  • Initial consultation: an interview to review the presenting problems, referral questions, and background information. 
  • Record review: a review of available medical and school records, including previous evaluations.
  • Test administration: face-to-face administration of standardized assessment measures that include answering questions, paper-and-pencil activities, self-report questionnaires, hands-on activities, and timed and non-timed activities. Face-to-face testing and the initial consultation typically occur on different days for children and adolescents. The length of the face-to-face testing session(s) depends on different factors, including age, type of testing, and referral questions. 
  • Behavioral and psychological rating measures: completion of parent-, teacher-, self-, and significant other-report questionnaires.
  • Test scoring and interpretation: test results are scored and interpreted based on normative data for your age or grade.
  • Integrated results: integrated results and recommendations are shared in a feedback session and written report. The report is finalized and mailed after the feedback session.

***Central Jersey Neuropsychology, LLC is not accepting new referrals at this time***